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General Dalek information. Construction. Sizes, FAQs etc How big are the Daleks that you produce? Height 5 feet 3 inches. Base maximum width 34 inches. Base maximum front to back 43 inches. Remembrance Daleks are slightly taller than the 60s/70s Daleks. All measurements are approximate. Do the arms, dome and base etc move about? The arms are on ball joints and move around. The plunger arm extends in and out. Please note that after a short amount of time of the arms being moved around, the balls in the arm joint may lose some paint. This is normal and can be seen on the on-screen studio Daleks also. The dome rotates. The eye is supplied in a fixed ‘looking ahead’ position. It can move up and down if the small screw inside the dome is loosened. The eye does not have an internal control stick. The complete Dalek can be pushed on it's small wheels (built into the base frame). Will it fit an through an ordinary house door? The base frame ( including the rubber surround ) is removable and the main skirt which contains the half spheres can be tipped 90 degrees (sideways) to go through a door. The skirt is slightly flexible also. As a last measure for the narrowest of doorways the half spheres on the left and right outer edges can be unscrewed. We have sold many Daleks and so far fitting through doors has not presented a problem. A standard door is approximately 30” wide but this can vary depending on age of the house. Generally if your doorway is 28” or greater then it will fit. Ask us if you have any questions as there are alternative options. How can I persuade my wife/partner to allow me to have a Dalek in the house? You can either tell them before you receive the Dalek or surprise them when it arrives. If you tell them before, explain that it is an investment. No-one else has made them before, and that it's not often that you treat yourself to something that you've waited twenty or more years for. If you decide on the surprise approach it may be preferable to show them the various parts making up the Dalek 'one at a time' over a period of a few days. The instant shock of seeing the full item in all it's glory may be too much for them. Can I get inside the Dalek? The Dalek is hollow and comes apart into several major sections in exactly the same way that the TV Daleks did. However, for our own liability insurance purposes, we advise against getting inside the Dalek for safety reasons. Which model of Dalek are they? 'Remembrance of the Daleks' - from BBC supplied mouldings Other 60s 70s Daleks from an original 60s Dalek What are they made of? The majority of the structure is heavy duty Glass Reinforced Plastic ( fibreglass ) as used by the BBC in the Doctor Who TV Daleks.
The image above is the Royal Mail Millennium Stamp featuring one of our Supreme Daleks. The stamp was issued on June 1st 99. With short notice, we supplied the Dalek in Feb 99. It was photographed by Lord Snowdon. We are credited on the official Royal Mail literature that accompanies the millennium packs.
The main parts of the Dalek shown – notice that the base frame is detachable to make it easy to move the Dalek through a house door. Normally the Dalek is supplied with the neck section and dome attached to the centre section.
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