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BBC TV’s T o t a l l y  Doctor Who filming Liz Barker (ex Blue Peter presenter), researcher Emily Knight and the rest of the location filming crew from the BBC’s Totally  Doctor Who came to a secret location to make a small feature about the New Series Daleks we produce. What a great day! The friendliest people we have met so far and a good laugh too. The crew were amazed by the Daleks and it was a pleasure to spend so much time getting compliments about our work and answering thousands of questions. The Daleks on this page were  w o r k - i n - p r o g r e s s   at the time. The Totally Doctor Who team were so keen to get us on the show  that we couldn’t let them down. Totally Doctor Who is a programme aimed at children but it’s slick, fast paced and most  importantly not patronising to children. We get lots of emails and letters from the younger fans  (and also orders from their parents) so we know that Totally Doctor Who is hitting the right spot and giving fans the info they want. Although the Daleks you see haven’t had their paint ‘dirtied down’ properly and we still had some fine tuning to make back in May we think you’ll  agree that they still look stunning.
A selection of photos from a day of filming for  BBC TV’s excellent programme Totally Doctor Who
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