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Matt Smith Peter Capaldi 2010 onwards
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The Actual TARDIS
Reproduction TARDIS
The TARDIS shown next to a family saloon car for size comparison
Relative Dimensions
The TARDIS is a full size screen accurate replica of one of the most iconic symbols of Doctor  Who. It is the vehicle that transports him through dimensions, space and Time to various  adventures and encounters. We have lovingly recreated this with an attention to detail that  is second to none. Each model has been researched to an almost obsessive degree and built with a passion. The result is the most stunning reproduction of a prop that you can actually own and treasure. The TARDIS is constructed in pressure treated timber and painted with  exterior paint. Construction is by our fully qualified carpenter and full time TARDIS expert.  For construction questions see our FAQ’s
2010 onwards Matt Smith / Peter Capaldi
1. Choose the type of TARDIS.
2. Email us with your address and postcode and TARDIS type you would like.
3. We will reply with a cost giving the options for delivery and assembly.
4. Pay a 50% deposit when you decide to order. Build time is 10 to 12 weeks.
5. Then wait. Look forward to it. We will contact you two weeks before delivery to arrange a date.  The 50% balance is due at this point. At any time if you would like to chat about the TARDIS contact us
Pre- painting
1980 - 1989
2010 onwards  Half Size
2005 - 2010
this planet earth ltd
tpe his lanet arth
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