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Frequently Asked Questions
1. Choose the type of TARDIS.
2. Email us with your address and postcode and TARDIS type you would like.
3. We will reply with a cost giving the options for delivery and assembly.
4. Pay a 50% deposit when you decide to order. Build time is around 10 weeks.
5. Then wait. Look forward to it. We will contact you two weeks before delivery to arrange a date.  The 50% balance is due at this point. If you have any questions contact us
COMMON QUESTIONS ARE: Cost: Prices are currently under review. Please email us to be informed when prices are announced and the TARDIS section is updated. We apologise for any inconvenience. General Durability: Callers sometimes ask if the Full Size TARDIS is weather proofed to be placed outdoors. The TARDIS is m a n u f a c t u r e d  to be strong and is primed with  several coats of paint. It is possible during winter months that internal condensation may occur as would be expected of any outdoor structure. The  durability is purely related to location and many other external variables over which we have no control. We therefore cannot realistically give any  durability or absolute waterproof guarantee. Planning note: If you intend to install the TARDIS outside we advise that you contact the appropriate Local Authorities with regard to planning permission. Although a number of customers have installed TARDIS’s in their gardens without problems it is always worth checking whether planning permission is  required or if neighbours may object as we cannot refund once the TARDIS has been made to order. Planning requirements vary from area to area and it is not possible for us to know if permission is needed for individual locations. The MOVIE TARDIS is  supplied on the understanding that you undertake the r e s p o n s i b i l i t y  to ensure that the installation is within your Local Council guidelines Preparation: We require a flat area to put the TARDIS on. This can be concrete or paving stones. Miscellaneous: All of the dimensions are approximate. If the size is crucial please contact us before ordering. Keep in mind that the panels etc will need to go around corners or up stairs to get to the desired location. It is important that you consider that it  will physically negotiate the obstacles to where you want to locate it. The TARDIS is supplied as a roof, base, four panels and non-functional light housing. The Half Size TARDIS is for indoor use only and is a substantial piece of individual hand-crafted furniture.  If you are in doubt about anything, just ask. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have.
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