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I've always wanted a dalek.  The first ever Doctor Who story I ever watched was "Death to the Daleks" in 1975 and I've been hooked ever since.  Last year I got the home renovation bug and repainted, recarpeted, refurnished and refitted my home.  I went absolutely nuts with it and now my place looks great.  However, one thing was missing.


One bare section of the living room lacked an eye-catching corner piece.  A certain something that would be a real conversation starter.  Naturally, plants and potted palms were out of the question as they die quicker in my home than almost anything else.  It  had to be something that no one else had.

A dalek

I always wanted one, but where to find them?

A quick search on the web and THIS PLANET EARTH Ltd was the answer.  Surely it couldn't be that easy to buy one, could it?


Simple answer; YES!  Not only that, it was entirely hassle-free.  

I contacted Ian Clarke at THIS PLANET EARTH Ltd in regards to purchasing a gold new series dalek and having it shipped to my home in Melbourne, Australia.  Right from the outset Ian was able to answer all my questions, and took care of arranging the quote for the insurance, shipping and handling.  He also kept me up to date on the progress of my dalek from the beginning right through to the finished product as it left to be packed and shipped.


It was without a doubt one of the easiest and professional purchases I have ever made.  Even having it shipped out to Australia wasn't a problem, they took care of all it.  The only thing I had to do was be at home when the delivery truck arrived. No worries, no stress.

Assembling the dalek was easy too - and this is from someone who can't change a fuse without blacking out an entire street.  Heck, I even jammed my tongue in a car door when I was 23 and I STILL managed to assemble a newly-arrived dalek!


The dalek now sits proudly in my home and it is a 100% accurate replica of the dalek used in the new Doctor Who series.  The quality and detail is amazing.  The care and attention to detail is evident in the paint work, weaponry and electronics.  If you are going to purchase a dalek, do what I did and spring for the whole "voice and lights option" - it is well worth that extra cash.  The dalek is not a toy - its a work of art and an investment.  You won't be disappointed.  If you ever wanted a dalek (any type of dalek!) talk to Ian and the team at THIS PLANET EARTH.  Its easier than you think.


And so well worth it!

Glenn Robinson, Melbourne, Australia

We say,

Thank you for the kind words and photos Glenn. Your cartoons are amazing!

It’s a pleasure making dreams come true, we appreciate the feedback.
Especially from the other side of this incredibly small planet.

Glenn’s Dalek in his

living room. From a thought to reality.

Feedback from a customer

Australian, Glenn Robinson, decided to put his thoughts to the keyboard and get in touch by email to let us know how he felt about his new Dalek……….

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