The London Photoshoot Following     weeks     of     preparation     and     the    logistics     of     coordinating     Daleks     and     their     owners,     Claire    Pillinger   managed   to   liaise   with   some   of   our   customers   and   assemble   them   in   central   London   for some     stunning     photos.     We     had     a    superb     response     to    our     plea     for     owners     of     our     Daleks     to    come    forward     to    be     captured     by     the    internationally     acclaimed     photographer     Drew     Gardner.     After     juggling    transport   and   locations   Claire   went   through   the   hundreds   of   responses   and   the   result   was   some excellent   photos   showing   our   products   and   their   proud   owners.   Many   thanks   to   the   Dalek   owners   in the photos.
John (from TPE) demonstrates how well his deodorant works!!!
Photography thanks to Drew Gardner visit his site at Please ask us before using any of the images on this site. Photographs are strictly copyrighted and are not to be copied to be used elsewhere.
In the early hours of a Sunday morning in June some of our Daleks assembled in formation and their owners stood proudly next to them.
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