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FULL SILVER NEMESIS Cyberleader also available. Head and Chest Unit from original moulds, bodysuit  pattern taken from original. Head and Chest Unit are electrolytically chromed by  a specialist company. The person who makes this is our very own Toby Chamberlain, who originally  made them in the late 1980's at Imagineering for the BBC Silver Nemesis 25 th  anniversary story. The Summer of 1988 The photos (right) were taken in 1988 and show the original props used on-screen in Silver Nemesis before they left the  workshop to be sent to the BBC for filming. This was the 150 th  story in the series and was to be the last appearance of The Cybermen in the original run of Doctor Who. The photos are a poignant reminder that we are recreating the past and at the time the photos were taken little was imagined of the endurance of the show and the lasting effect it would have on viewers. Frozen in time, we show you the originals from which the current reproductions are taken.
Supplied without mannequin. Mannequin available on request
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