PRICE: £355 + £35 p&p This is the Earthshock / Attack of the Cybermen / Five Doctors Cyberman Head. For display purposes we have used the solid chin as opposed to the clear chin which would show the inside of the empty head. We have also left in the imperfections and  lack of symmetry in order to keep the original  character of the Cyberman. Note that the two halves of the face are not the same (this is more obvious when viewed from above). The camera does not really do this item justice as the flash creates an image that has a tendency to appear overexposed.
TO ORDER Send the cheque with a letter explaining that it is an Earthshock Head that you wish to order including your name, address and post  code clearly written to; this planet earth ltd PO Box 87 Crewe Cheshire CW1 5GA
Earthshock Head
Photos courtesy of Patrick Lockyear
this planet earth ltd
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