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The New Dalek has a completely different set of moulds for all of the sections as none of them  share the same measurements as the original TV Daleks. So, we took moulds and a million measurements from a Dalek we borrowed for a week.  (There are  slight variations in the first NSD episode and the second and also the exhibition NSDs which we  have kept in mind). Parts have been painstakingly sourced and the meticulous work has been carried out to produce a stunning replica using materials as close to the original as practical for production.
* all photos show actual products
* all photos show actual products
NSD LINKS ARE TO THE LEFT OF THIS PAGE: The launch of the New Doctor Who series created a massive stir amongst original Who fans and it also  generated some new ones. Following the unveiling of the New Series Dalek we were swamped with emails from people asking if we  planned to produce the fantastic New Dalek. How could we resist? The New Series Dalek is a stunning work of art and without going on at great length singing it’s praises we think it is enough to simply commend Russell T Davies and the crew at the  BBC in Cardiff for creating a new form of Dalek that is not only true to spirit of the original but also  develops and evolves the shape perfectly.
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