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Toby has a been lifelong fan,from the very first episode. Inspiring a career in prop and costume making. Working for, amongst others, Paramount Pictures and Gerry Anderson. During the 1980s he was involved with Doctor Who for the first time while at Imagineering, making the cybermen for the 25th anniversary story, Silver Nemesis. He joined TPE in the late 1990s. More recently his expertise has helped us to produce daleks used in several episodes of the new series, including the 50th anniversary story Day of the Doctor. Favourite Classic Episode: Genesis of the Daleks Favourite 05> Episode: Asylum of the Daleks Favourite Doctor: Patrick Troughton Favourite Companion: Elisabeth Sladen Favourite Monster: Daleks
Simon started with Destiny of the Daleks at the age of 3.Romana fell down the shaft and the Daleks crashing through the walls. He was hooked from that day.  When he wasn’t making scale drawings of the TARDIS he was in his parents garage making one. He had an obsession for making all things 'Who' which led him to become a Carpenter/Joiner for 12 years.  “My dream has always been to make full size TARDISes.  I am now the This Planet Earth TARDIS builder.  Making dreams come true for others!” Favourite Classic Episode: Logopolis Favourite 05> Episode: School Reunion Favourite Doctor: Tom Baker Favourite Companion: Elisabeth Sladen Favourite Monster: Daleks
Nick is an East End boy with many years under his belt of being an Engraver. His specialisation and forte is the procurement of Dalek weaponry. His moment of Glory came when he played an Ogron in the Special Edition Day of the Daleks DVD much to the delight of his grandchildren, Katie and Adam.
Rob has a strong attention to detail and his experience has a long history in the Classic Car Automotive Paint and Aircraft Paint Industry. He goes home each day looking slightly tinted in Dalek colour. He particularly likes the New Series Dalek Bronze colour as this gives him a fake suntan effect for free. A bonus of the job.
Arthur fabricates a diverse range of the metal parts and has a second nature with all things metallic. His favourite planet is Pluto (which was declassified as a planet in 2006). His favourite element in the periodic table is Mercury (Hg) which, when he was a boy in the olden days, was called Quicksilver.
John had a prestigious history in prop building, pattern and mould making for the Film and TV Industry and had worked on Gladiator, several James Bond films, The Empire Strikes Back and Doctor Who in the 1980s. He worked with us until he passed away suddenly in 2008. Fondly missed and not forgotten.
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Simon Nash
RIP 2008
Rob De-Blasi
Arthur Hicks
John Powell
Ian Clarke
Managing Director
Ian Clarke began by sitting down to watch Doctor Who a long time ago as a child when the Daleks had a memorable effect on him. Many years later and after climbing up the ranks, he left his chosen management career with the RAF and Ministry of Defence and took the leap to pursue his passion to work in something different, inspiring and creative in the mid 1990s. Determination and dedication has shaped the company over the last 20 years to become a popular and trusted source with a professional team. Gradually and proudly building it to what it has become today. Favourite Classic Episode: Evil of the Daleks Favourite 05> Episode: Blink Favourite Doctor: Tom Baker Favourite Companion: Jenna Coleman Favourite Monster: Daleks
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